Client Testimonials

“I’ve been stalling on my Islam-inspired sci-fantasy series for 10 years. But within 10 minutes of starting Nicole’s program, I started writing again. Her warmth, friendliness, kindness, and ability to deal with eccentric people like me were the kickstart I needed to dive in. I feel like a new person.”

— Nadir Shirazi, Toronto


“I can’t recommend Fantasy Footsteps enough to writers who are legitimately looking to polish their craft, write, and eventually publish their novel. I appreciate Nicole’s honesty and reliability. I know I can count on her to talk me off a metaphorical wall when I ‘just don’t know what to do.’ Nicole is a valuable resource and has built this program around the needs of writers.”

— Amanda Emerick, North Carolina (fantasy)

“I loved discussing my story with Nicole. She provided me with invaluable insights I never would have considered on my own. Her encouraging developmental suggestions often triggered new ideas in my mind and helped me move forward with confidence. I now know what to look for and work on in my future writing.”

— Trinity Cunningham, Manitoba

(epic fantasy)

“Nicole is meticulous in her approach. I get extensive feedback on each chapter, with suggestions on how to tighten up my story arc and structure. She has a knack for seeing where my characters lack the ‘punch’ needed to make my readers like/love them.”

— Anne-Marie Kofoed, Denmark (romantic suspense)

“I am so grateful for Nicole’s thorough assistance, which was above and beyond what I had anticipated. I’ve never received such a complete report from a book editor. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

— Camilla Hillberg, Portugal

(epic fantasy)

“I was amazed at Nicole’s expertise and guidance. She clearly understood what I intended in my writing and advised me on how I could communicate those intentions in my own style. Nicole’s honest feedback and patience made me a better writer. She loves helping writers, and it shows.”

— Virginia F., Iowa

(literary short stories)

“Her suggestions and editorial notes have shaped who I am as a writer. It is my firm belief that my stories will be presented to the world. The tales of my ancestors will be immortalized, and through this, their memory will live on. I couldn’t have done it without her help.”

— Douglas Denga, Kenya

(epic fantasy)

“Nicole’s first developmental editing report blew me away. Her talent for reviewing a story goes beyond practice and schooling. There is a level of insightfulness that strikes me as innate.”

— Barbara Lacewell, Iowa

(literary short stories)

“Hiring Nicole as my book coach was money well spent and I’d do it again. She overdelivered! My only regret is that I didn’t write my entire series during our time together.”

— John Cressman, Pennsylvania


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